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  • Campaign strategizing for rewards & investment based crowdfunding
  • Media production and marketing solutions
  • Promoting your private offerings to investors across the web
  • Providing alternative asset investing opportunities
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Asheesh Advani, CEO of Covestor

“Whether you're on Wall Street or Main Street, the peerbackers team has the knowledge and network to help you unlock new capital opportunities.”
Asheesh Advani - CEO of Covestor


  • New capital raising strategies for companies of all growth stages
  • Showing financial service providers how to benefit from industry disruption
  • Introducing ground-breaking financial products and strategies for investors
  • Helping crowdfunding & peer lending platforms launch and lead
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Bob Bloom, Vice-Chair of Palm Beach SCORE

“Sally Outlaw's workshops helped our mentors and entrepreneurs expertly navigate the increasingly complex world of crowd finance. A huge success!”
Bob Bloom - Vice-Chair of Palm Beach SCORE

Cash From The Crowd Book by Sally Outlaw

Our Powerhouse Team

Sally Outlaw

Sally Outlaw

Sally is a leading strategist in both rewards and investment based crowdfunding and adds her decades of experience in media, real estate and business development.

Andrew Rachmell

Andrew Rachmell

Andrew excels in marketing, media, and developing strategic partnerships that bring value to entrepreneurs, organizations and brands.

Alan Jacobs

Alan Jacobs

Alan has extensive financial and management experience as a securities lawyer, investment banker, management advisor, and senior executive of private and public companies.

... along with our team of experts in securities regulations, investment banking & brokerage, marketing and more.

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