About Us

Strength in Numbers

peerbackers is a new way to fund entrepreneurs. It is an online funding platform that allows business owners to raise capital from their “peers”—in small increments—in exchange for tangible rewards to those who contribute.

We’re the connectors— our online marketplace directly links business people who are looking for a small amount of start-up or growth capital with individuals who are willing to contribute that funding in small increments. These individuals can be friends, family or complete strangers…but they all share one thing—at least $10 to spare and a desire to have a positive impact on the world. Not to mention—the contributors get cool rewards too!

Who are the folks behind the venture?

peerbackers is led by two founders – Sally Outlaw and Andrew Rachmell.  They have successfully partnered in the past to create and produce The Next Wave with Leonard Nimoy, a popular television series airing on CNBC for several years (the series was devoted to exploring innovative technologies for both start-ups and existing companies). They have now decided to combine their talents once again to bring peerbackers to the market.

Sally serves as President of peerbackers and is a seasoned entrepreneur having run her own businesses for the last twenty years. Her media and business ventures took her across the globe – including ten years of conducting business in Russia where she started and managed several successful companies.

Andrew comes with an exemplary track record in marketing & corporate sponsorships and serves as VP of Business Development.  His expertise in marketing and business development has made him a specialist in helping more than one-third of the Fortune 1000 companies, as well as numerous associations, non-profit organizations and government agencies promote their message through innovative advertising and sponsorship packages.

After years of being entrepreneurs, Sally & Andrew decided their biggest passion is actually helping others with their start-ups. Having walked in the shoes of business owners looking for money – pitching  friends, families and total strangers for start-up capital – they understand the difficulties of raising seed money. All too often, the process of raising capital – and frequently without success – can consume precious time that can be better spent building the business.

Entrepreneurs are the key to our country’s economic future and peerbackers can help them start, support, or supplement their businesses in a new way. Crowdfunding already occurs for a variety of purposes – from disaster relief to political campaigns – why not use it to help launch a business in your community?

Sally can be contacted at [email protected]

Andrew can be contacted at [email protected]