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The leadership team at peerbackers has more than 50 years of combined experience in serving the Fortune 500 market, as well as helping small and mid-size companies to achieve their capital raise, grow their market share, increase brand awareness, and launch new ventures.

We are dedicated to understanding your goals and objectives and making recommendations that bring positive results while saving you time and money. In addition to helping you strategize we seek ways that your company can benefit from forging partnerships with the many companies and industry leaders in our network.

Growing and diversifying your portfolio through crowdfinance. Whether you are an accredited or institutional investor, a wealth or fund manager, or other financial professional, learn how to create wealth through investing in these new asset classes.

We not only host industry events exploring ground-breaking financial products in all sectors (from real estate to emerging growth companies) but we are available for one-on-one consultation to family offices, registered investment advisors and others seeking to understand and profit from the equity crowdfunding and marketplace lending ecosystems.

Are you a broker-dealer, bank, technology company or other service provider looking to capitalize on this disruptive and innovative new financial landscape? We can help uncover and implement new revenue opportunities as you look to support the industry’s developing infrastructure.

New capital raising strategies for companies of all growth stages. When the JOBS Act was signed by President Obama in April 2012, it ushered in a new era in capital formation.

No longer do startups and emerging companies have to rely on banks or even venture capital firms as sources for funding the launch or expansion of their business. Now companies can look to the crowd as the fastest and most dynamic way to raise capital – this approach is called crowdfunding or crowdfinance and is expected to surpass 10 billion dollars next year.

There are multiple ways to maximize a capital raise through crowdfinance and we help you navigate the many options depending on your funding objectives and the markets you serve. For example, should you use Regulation D 506 (C), Regulation A, peer-to-peer lending or a more traditional rewards based campaign?

Considering launching your own crowdfunding or peer-to-peer platform to serve your community or nonprofit? There are a myriad of questions to consider such as whether to build from scratch or to license an existing “white label” platform, what sort of staff is required to best support the site, how to market the site to entrepreneurs, investors, donors, and all stake holders. We founded and operated one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the industry and have plenty of advice to offer!

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