an idea worth backing
How you can connect to find seed money

Don’t have a rich Uncle? Tired of getting turned down at the bank?  Did you trip while chasing strangers for money? peerbackers can help!  Post your business story (including how much capital you need), and devise a few compelling rewards for contributors consisting of products & services you can offer them in exchange for their pledges.  

How peerbackers helps

Then, let peerbackers help you reach out to your community to source those funds for you through email, online communities and social networks (we make it easy!).  It’s a win-win! You raise your funding and backers are rewarded! Our website allows you a guilt-free way of reaching out to your friends and family for financial support. Don’t want to nag Nana for a contribution? We make it simple to share your business with her using our social media tools – just send her the link to your peerbackers pledge page and she can find a reward she can’t live without.  Through the power of viral marketing, thousands of potential backers will ultimately view your funding request so expand the definition of “your community” and pledge your way to success. You’re not asking folks for money, you are inviting them to be part of something amazing!