grow your circle of resources
Get backed by friends, family, colleagues...even strangers! Reach out for the money you need to start or grow your business. peerbackers makes it easy to engage and mobilize your social network and pledge your way to success!

Once you have submitted your venture to peerbackers and are invited to post on the site, there are basically three steps to the crowdfunding process – Creating, Sharing, and Raising.

Create a personal & venture profile.

First, create a personal profile through our membership form so we know who you are, where you live, and how to reach you! Next start your venture posting. This will include a description of your business, the purpose of your fundraising (to purchase an essential piece of equipment? To build a website?), your target financial goal and how long you would like to reach that goal (15 thru 60 days). You will then be asked to upload a photo or video featuring your business and/or plea (we highly recommend a 2- 3 minute video as projects with video raise 125% more than projects without). You will also upload information about the rewards you are offering in exchange for the contributions you receive (see our tips for reward ideas).

Share your story.

This is where you will take your campaign viral and ask for your supporters to back you. Reaching out will primarily be done through our easy-to-use share buttons on your project page (one click disbursement of your peerbackers venture page to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). Ask everyone you send your campaign to, to send it to their network as well and you’re off and running!.  Remember you’re not begging for money – you’re inviting your supporters to be a part of something amazing.

Raise your funds.

Once your campaign is launched to your social & professional circles, you must work it – by sending updates on your progress, uploading new videos…anything to keep your goal in front of your prospects as most backers are well-intended but busy and may need reminders. Most importantly, be sure to thank your supporters via Facebook, Twitter and other social media as they back you. When your campaign is over your funding will be released to you.

Bonus step!

Reach out to your local press and have them follow your efforts to launch your venture in this innovate way.  Doing this gives even more media coverage to your product or service, as well as attracts new backers, while giving your media outlets a “local” angle on an interesting story.