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Elizabeth Fairman

Student Ambassador / People to People

Elizabeth is a seventh grade student who has been selected as a Student Ambassador for People to People. She is active in her school through sports and leadership activities. Elizabeth has always loved history and is especially enthralled with Greek and Roman mythology. She is a great traveler and has hiked in the Grand Canyon, Zion, Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde and Bryce National Parks; hiked in the Canadian Rockies and the Upper Pennisula; visted Boston, Plimouth Plantation, Williamsburg, West Point, Hyde Park, Val Kil, Lexington and Concord; and traveled overseas to Barcelona and Sitges this passed summer.

Elizabeth Fairman

People to People

Thank you to my former teachers Mrs. O'Donnell and Mrs. Tweed! You inspired me to follow my dreams and now look at where I am! Dr. Sweeney has also shown me the right path and supported me every step of the way - thank you for your donation! Ann Hayes, my grandmother Sue's college roommate, sent her donation all the way from Australia while on vacation. I just can't believe it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    It’s All Greek (and Italian) to Me!

    I am representing the United States as a People to People Student Ambassador to Italy, Sicily and Greece.




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