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Tina Gehlhausen

Owner / The Quick Split, LLC

I am a graphic designer living in Santa Claus, Indiana with my husband and 3 kids. The development of this product idea began over 10 years ago when my oldest child was about a year old and started to eat table food. I was searching for a product like this, but my retail and online searches repeatedly found nothing. I took this as an opportunity to invent it myself! I was recently issued a patent from the USPTO and certification from the WBENC as a female owned business. I am now excited to meet with retail buyers so I can begin the tooling and manufacturing process that will officially launch this product!

Tina Gehlhausen

The Quick Split, LLC

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      3 years, 8 months ago

    Every mom needs a Quick Split!

    Your donations will cover the cost for me to showcase my mom-invented, patented, made in the USA gadget to 6300 retail buyers at a trade show!




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