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Hello, my name is Ethan Muncy and I am 13 years old. I am having a wonderful year at the Union 8th Grade Center, and feeling God’s will to do more for the world around me. I want to share with you an opportunity that has been presented to me.

I was recently nominated and accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador program. The People to People movement was launched in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. For nearly 50 years, People to People Ambassador Programs has served as People to People International’s global educational travel provider, organizing and promoting opportunities for bridging cultural and politicalborders through direct interaction, unparalleled access, and unique experiences. I have wanted to travel the world for a very long time and planto pursue a career in International Corporate Finance and also plan to travel the world doing mission work. I feel this program will help me in my life because it builds responsibility, trustworthiness and respect and it will also give me experience with people I have never met, from variouscultures in a new environment.

In June of 2012 I will be traveling to France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. But, I will not be able to go without your support. I am trying to raise $6500 for my total trip; this cost includes mymeals, transportation, accommodations and educational activities. Any contributions are sincerely appreciated. When I return, I plan to share my journey with my friends, family and supporters.

Thank you again for continued support and prayers through this process.

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    In order for me to have this International experience I will need to raise the remaining $4,000 to cover all of my expenses.

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  • Postcards from Abroad

    For every pledge of $25.00 I will send you a postcard from some of the places I will visit.

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    For every donation of $50 I will donate 2 hours of community service at a local animal shelter.

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  • Highlight Video from Trip

    For every donation of $100 or more I will send you a highlight video from the trip.

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    A $50 Grasshopper Gift Card for use towards Grasshopper's Virtual Phone Services for entrepreneurs - a phone service that helps small businesses sound big

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