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    Have you ever wanted instant access to pure adrenaline? Disportvids is a site that provides that and so much more!

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Brian Chace

Founder / Disport

Brian Chace, owner and founder of Disport, grew up riding BMX. By the age of 16 he realized that for him, BMX riding and photography went hand in hand. Two years after photography school, Brian decided to leave his camera behind. He went on to purchase a video camera and ended up producing three BMX films. Here and Now, his first film, was a definite learning process. After the release of Here and Now he immediately started in on Fresh Fish. From Fresh Fish, it was clear that Brian was mastering his videography skills, and becoming well known in the BMX community. After an upgrade to an HD camera, Brian started filming his final full length BMX film titled Refresh. Refresh is a double disc that did well, filling theaters around the Pacific Northwest. Despite these successes, Brian had trouble with video distribution. It seemed that the problem was attributed to the fact that no one was buying DVD’s anymore. The web edits leading up to Refresh’s release have over 6 digits in views, which was not reflected in the sales on his hard-copy DVD’s. This is where the idea for Disport came in. Why can’t there be a site dedicated to the extreme sports industry where producers can still have the opportunity to profit from their videos while getting them viewed by the masses? Disport was created to fill in this gap, between the producers and their audience, all the while keeping extreme sports filmmaking profitable. For more information about Disport please visit For more information about Brian Chace please visit

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