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I can’t believe that I was selected to be a People to People Student Ambassador for 2012!  I have always dreamed of going to Rome and Athens ever since third grade when I first studied mythology in drama class.  As a history buff, I CANNOT wait to see all of the wonderful sites of Italy, Sicily and Greece.  These are places that I have read about and dreamed one day of seeing for myself! 

I hope you watch my video to learn more about me and People to People!  I will be updating the videos over the next few weeks so please check back again.

I just want everyone to know a little bit more about People to People. First, it was founded by President Eisenhower in 1956. There are over 500,000 alumni and it is the world's most recognized and respected educational travel provider.  Eisenhower believed that the direct interaction between ordinary citizens and the world promotes world peace and cultural understanding.

There are different kinds of ambassadors for kids and adults. There are Sports Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and Leadership Ambassadors.  I am a Student Ambassador.  You can also travel to India, China, Japan, Australia Fiji, New Zealand, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Sicily, Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

I am going on the Ancient and Modern Civilizations trip to Italy, Sicily, and Greece.

I will spend 19 days with 56 students from metro Detroit studying the ancient civilizations in Italy, Sicily and Greece.   I will be traveling with four teachers (not my parents :)) and a guide.  While over there, I will go to Rome, Pompeii, Vatican City, Athens, Crete and a bunch of other great places.  (A detailed list is at the bottom of this page.) We will also do cultural interactions with local people and a few community service projects including helping restore a sea turtle nesting area.  People to People has put together a great video of the experience so click here to find out what I'll be doing.

People to People encourages all Student Ambassadors to raise the funds to cover the cost of the trip.  All costs including airfare, food, lodging and transportation are included in the People to People program.  We also meet as a group throughout the year to discover more about our fellow travelers and the places we will be seeing.  The cost is around $7,000.  I have already begun fund raising to cover my part of the trip.  As of today, I have already raised $305.85 just in returnable cans and bottles!  There are still about 30 bags in the garage!  I am also dog walking, arranging a garage sale, selling Superbowl Squares and doing fundraising projects with my local group.

PEERBACKERS is a excellent way for me to reach friends and family that live outside the area and even some living nearby!  I also like the fact that there are donation rewards that are meaningful for my sponsors.  Thank you for considering sponsoring me.  I promise to make you proud! 

Check back to this page for updates on my fund raising progress and also more information about People to People and my trip!

Rome, Italy:
Highlights: Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel,  and Trevi Fountain

Naples, Italy
Highlights: City of Pompeii

Palermo, Italy
Explore Palermo and the ancient Palazzo Reale, learn to toss a pizza pie with the help of professional chefs and visit the San Giovanni degli Eremiti church, which has served as a house of worship for both Christians and Muslims.

Segesta, Italy
See some of the most impressive Greek ruins outside of Greece and train with a Sicilian potter, and then create your own masterpiece.

Erice, Italy
Explore ancient castles, including one that was built on the ruins of a Roman temple.

Taormina, Italy
Explore this beautiful terraced town and its series of small, medieval palaces.

Mount Etna, Italy
Hike on the slopes of this active volcano, learn from experts about the mountain’s 2003 eruption.

Bari, Italy
Give back to the local community by lending a hand to an organization protecting local sea turtles.

Patras and Olympia, Greece
Explore the relics of the original Games held here in 776 B.C., view the Canal of Corinth, considered an engineering marvel for its time.

Athens, Greece
Experience the Acropolis and gaze up at the famous Parthenon.

Crete, Greece
Explore the spectacular Palace at Knossos and descend into the incredible Dictaean Cave, where the god Zeus is said to have been born.

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    I am representing the United States as a People to People Student Ambassador to Italy, Sicily and Greece.

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  • The Vicarious Traveler

    Donors at this level with have access to my private blog that will detail my activities before, during and after the trip. A personal invitation to join the blog will be sent to each donor. As a member, you can post questions and comments!

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    Access to my blog and a magnet photograph for your refrigerator of me in front of the Colosseum, Vatican City, ruins of Pompeii or Parthenon. (Donor gets to choose!) The magnet will be sent upon my return.

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  • Thinking Of You!

    Donor will receive the previous items and a handwritten postcard from me while I am on the trip. The postcard will be from one of the fascinating sites I visit.

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  • Open Hands and Open Hearts

    For every donation at this level, I will donate 2 hours of community service to the Open Hands food pantry at St. John's Episcopal Church in Royal Oak. Donors will receive the items at the previous levels.

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  • Dinner with the Ambassador

    Donors at this level will enjoy a private dinner with the Ambassador and her family upon return from the trip. Dinner will highlight foods from the regions I visited and be prepared by my dad. Conversation is guaranteed to be lively!

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Elizabeth Fairman

Student Ambassador / People to People

Elizabeth is a seventh grade student who has been selected as a Student Ambassador for People to People. She is active in her school through sports and leadership activities. Elizabeth has always loved history and is especially enthralled with Greek and Roman mythology. She is a great traveler and has hiked in the Grand Canyon, Zion, Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde and Bryce National Parks; hiked in the Canadian Rockies and the Upper Pennisula; visted Boston, Plimouth Plantation, Williamsburg, West Point, Hyde Park, Val Kil, Lexington and Concord; and traveled overseas to Barcelona and Sitges this passed summer.