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Funding for: Travel tuition for Student Ambassador trip to Europe.

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Hello! My name is Raven Arrington and I have been given the amazing chance to go on a once in a life time trip to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales through the People to People Student Ambassador Program (www.peopletopeople.com).

I believe that there is such a lack of cultural understanding, respect, and acceptance in the world today. But by going to different countries and opening our minds to how they live, we could possibly break the misunderstandings.

I'll also be working to help people in a community in each country that I visit. For example, I'll be visiting a family-owned farm in Scotland, where we will be sheep-sheering, experiencing the life of a sheepdog handler, bottle-feeding orphan lambs and watching collie pups being trained to herd sheep.

As a People to People Student Ambassador, I hope to find the similarities and differences that can bring the people of the world together, and to further prepare me for college and my future. And also it would be great to meet new people from other places in the world, so that it's not just limited to the people that live in the same place as me. 

Unfortunately, this amazing trip costs a lot of money. I'm doing my best to help my parents pay for the trip. I would be very grateful if you helped me reach my goal by donating money. Even if you can't donate money, please spread the word about my trip to others who may be able to help.

Thank you,

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    This would be the chance of a lifetime, and I'm so excited to experience new things! i just need some extra help to make this great opportunity happen

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  • You've got Mail!

    You will receive a postcard from the country of your choice of which I am traveling to.

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    You will get a small souvenir from the country you pick that I am traveling to.

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    I will dedicate 2 hours of community service in your honor.

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    I will write/make up a short song for you and sing it while playing it on my ukulele (video taped and sent to your email)

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    When I return home, I will email you some pictures from my trip and a short narrative of my trip.

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    I will issue a special "Thank you" with your name, to be printed in my local newspaper.

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    I will place a vase of flowers on the alter of my church in your honor OR memory/honor of person of your choice

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Raven Arrington

Raising for Raven

Hi my name is Raven Arrington, I'm a junior at North County High School. I enjoy playing guitar and ukulele. I'm a member of my church's youth group and together we do community service projects. I love music, animals and helping others.My goal is to attend college in 2014, where i can study music. I have a very open mind and enjoy learning new and different things.