Archaeological Dig in Peru

University of Illinois at Chicago & The Field Museum
Funding for: The processing of archaeological samples using modern scientific techniques.

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    Funding is sought for radiocarbon dates, pollen analysis and multi-elemental analysis. These modern tools will help reconstruct ancient rituals.

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about entrepreneur

Matthew Piscitelli

Ph.D. Candidate / University of Illinois at Chicago & The Field Museum

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago specializing in Andean archaeology. Graduating from Boston University in 2007, I have a degree in both archaeology and anthropology. My primary research focus is understanding the evolution of complex political systems. I am also interested in archaeological science, specifically the application of techniques such as GIS, remote sensing, geochemical analysis, and micromorphology to anthropological questions. I have carried out archaeological research in Bolivia, Greece, and Peru. Under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Haas (MacArthur Curator of the Americas, Field Museum), I am currently conducting dissertation research on small-scale ceremonial architecture in ancient Peru. I hope that my work can tell us more about the development and spread of early forms of religion in South America and elsewhere in the prehistoric world.

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