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I invite you to help me venture to Tanzania over Christmas to volunteer with The Dar Project; an organization devoted to providing children from Tanzania with college scholarships.  This opportunity will afford me the privilege of spending a week visiting schools and orphanages, distributing goods donated to the organization.  What I consider most valuable is the time I will be able to spend with the children.  This experience will be much more meaningful if it is a collective effort.

One may argue that the weakened state of our economy suggests funds and efforts are better spent here in the US.  Although there is some truth to that, there is also power behind the idea of inter-connectivity.  If children are in great need across the world, it does affect us here, too.  Inherent in this opportunity is the chance to spread awareness and knowledge to my own students, here in the U.S., about the great and real needs of others.  I would like to use this opportunity to not only help others in Tanzania, but to promote the importance and value of free education as a means of achieving life goals.   My own students will gain an understanding of how one can put compassion into practice.  

It is important to note that I am not going into this project viewing myself as above those I am helping.  I see all people as equal and would never objectify children for my own personal fulfillment.  Rather, my goal is to be a conduit of care and compassion by providing children with attention and gifts during a time of year when many other people, including myself, get these needs met by family and friends.  

I appreciate your help. I will use funds I receive to help me travel to Tanzania and to donate to the orphanages and schools I visit.

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    Please help me get to Tanzania to volunteer with The Dar Project, visiting schools and orphanages.

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    I will be taking amazing photos while I am there! I will send you your very own framed photo from Tanzania. I've attached my favorite pic from Rio de Janerio (Cristo Redentor, 2012).

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